Download Web Development Course Laravel PHP FrameWork

Download Web Development with Laravel 5.2 Course Free From Our Website. In this course, you can prepare yourself for a career as Expert Web Developer.

Before taking this course, you already know the basics of PHP, HTML, and CSS. If you are already expert in PHP, HTML, and CSS, then this course will take your web development skills to the next level.Download Web Development Course Laravel PHP FrameWork

Today’s all websites need to be easily scalable, offer great user experience, must be responsive, fast, error-tolerant and safe for every user.  PHP development required you to be common with at least one of the major PHP frameworks.

In this course, you will learn the current major PHP framework existing Laravel. It is immensely popular due to the huge volume of functionalities it offers while assuring highest security and easy to use. With Laravel Framework creating web applications is extremely efficient.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with Laravel and develop great applications.

This course covers:

  • You can learn MVC approach in which Lean application for easy scaling and maintenance.
  • You can learn User authentication.
  • Planning about GET and POST request Functions.
  • Protection of routes against unauthorized access.
  • Structured database operations with Laravel’s built-in ORM for highest security and comfort
    • INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, SELECT without any SQL-skills
    • Relationships
    • Setting up and structuring a database via PHP files
  • View Templating with Blade Template Engine.
  • How we do the automatic emailing with and without callback links.
  • Learn Events and Listeners.
  • Learn about AJAX requests.

Download Web Development Course Laravel PHP FrameWork

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