1-Click Image Ranker WordPress plugin

Download WordPress Plugin 1-Click Image Ranker. The mass-optimization screen of the plugin allows you to add optimized images to ALL your posts or pages, with ONE click. This means that the entire process can take from just SECONDS up to a few minutes for your ENTIRE site. Also, the “Automatic Future Image SEO” feature can create and add images optimized for the title of the content to all posts and pages you create in the future AUTOMATICALLY. This takes “LAZY” to a whole new level.

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The plugin can create unique images from scratch. This means that you risk no copyright infringement by using someone else’s images. Also, Google will want to RANK THEM HIGHER (Google doesn’t like to rank an image that is found on 10 different sites as well).


You can download a free demo of the plugin, so you see how it works before you buy. All my plugins are “coded to standards” so that they will not interfere with other plugins or themes.


There’s a reason why “ugly” simple-text banners work so well: They are SIMPLE and easy to understand. That’s why they get high click-through rates.

This is the ONLY WordPress plugin of its kind, which means it gives you a unique advantage over your competitors. This is not like those methods that everybody uses and eventually get saturated.


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