The Most Advanced Web Developer Course

Here’s the most advanced web developer course. This course focuses on all those that a developer needs to know before calling him a professional! This course is for those developers who have a sound knowledge about topics like CSS, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, and jSON.

Web Developer Course Online

Web Developer Course


With the help of this advanced free web developer course, you will be able to build advanced web application and take your activity to another level.

Here are some of the major topics which will be covered in this free course:

Learn Linux

The first section of this top free developer course is related to Linux. Starting from the introduction & history of Linux, the course will provide a detailed knowledge about Ubuntu, Linux commands, running windows apps in Linux, user management and many other important things.

Learn Bootstrap 3

The course will make you learn about the installation of Bootstrap and its use. You will learn about tabs, dropdowns, form elements & validations, panels, carousels, navbar and so on. Four lectures are also purely related to creating a website from scratch, these lectures will provide you a live demonstration of building a responsive website.

Learn Ruby

As this an advanced course, so it provides a complete knowlegde about Ruby such as variables in Ruby, strings in ruby, creating a class, coverting a string into an array etc.


A complete knowledge about Apache is also provided in this free advanced course. Starting from the installation of Apache, the training series will teach you about testing PHP, MySQL, virtual hosts, Htaccess error handling, URL rewriting etc.

So download the most advanced web developer course and be a pro!



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