Use Ajax with PHP to Build a Chat System

It’s an ideal course for beginners as well as intermediate level students. Only requirements for availing this course are basic JavaScript and PHP, XAMPP and Notepad++.

Use Ajax with PHP to Build a Chat System

A language for server side scripting, PHP is commonly used for developing web applications. Ajax is a web-development technique that can perform strong actions in the background while users don’t feel anything. PHP OOP is a method to make the application secure and responsive. You can also learn in real time how to display data from a database by using Ajax requests to a PHP page.

Download PHP for Beginners Course

Knowing the basic concepts of PHP and JavaScript can help you understand this course better. However, it’s a course designed keeping all the levels mind and even beginners can easily learn this course with a simple approach. Join the course now to get seven lectures with one hour worth of content that’ll help you build a chat system that is dynamic, secure and responsive.

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